15 December 2007

Less Christmas Cards Is More

Wouldn't it be nice to get fewer Christmas cards but more with an actual handwritten note inside that showed they cared enough to take the time? Pre-printed labels and embossed names of the sender on the inside don't exactly scream that you are a special person; it screams that you've been checked off the list. A duty fulfilled. Merry Christmas.

I get this in the business world where Christmas cards are just a form of advertising, but on personal cards?

Still, the great thing about Christmas cards is that they come in the actual mail and you get to open an actual envelope and pull out a sometimes kitschy but sometimes marvelously beautiful card.

I can delete an email in a nanosecond but I feel guilty if I throw someone's card away before New Year's Day.

And its nice to start off the New Year with a basket of good wishes from actual friends.

When it comes to Christmas cards, maybe less is more...


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