05 August 2007

Raw Vegan Apple Pie

While I don't intend to ever be a raw foodie (well, never say never) it is fun to fix raw foods from time to time. This time it's vegan raw apple pie. The crust is made from ground raw almonds and pitted dates and a little salt. The filling is made from five paper thin sliced apples, one cup of raisins and then a "binder" made of one orange (peeled), one half cup dates and a little water pureed to a liquid and then add two tablespoons of cinnamon. Mix that all together real well with the apples and pour and then press into the ready crust. The thing is that we haven't tasted it yet because we are taking it along to some friends for dinner tonight. Having tasted the crust and filling separately I am pretty sure it will be great!!



Spike said...

Stealing this recipie 'cause it's TOO HOT to turn on the oven, and the roaster oven in the garage is tied up with (carnivore's) scalloped potatoes.

Is that the karmic equivalent of drinking a diet soda with your candy bar??


Michelle said...

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