23 December 2007

Christmas In Ohio

We are in Ohio for Christmas. With Charlotte's very extended family.

Traditions change and morf and become new traditions. Growing up we would go to my Aunt Jerry's house for a huge Christmas in a little house. Plenty of beer and wine and song and cheer. The presents flooded from under the tree and washed up against the walls and out into the hall. Or so it seemed to a very young boy.

Fifty years later I celebrate Christmas in Ohio at Patty's house. A big Christmas in an even bigger house. As you might imagine though, the size of the house has little to do with the size of the Christmas. Now I think of the big hearts, loud song and much cheer as the gifts that count. I do still miss the jet fighter console that I got one Christmas. Funny how some memories hang on.

We will celebrate Christmas today - because of the extended family scheduling becomes key. We will celebrate Christmas Day in a movie theatre with a big gaggle of silly goose family members. A tradition hereabout.

My sons, Andrew and David, are up in MN with their Mom's family, and I miss them. But I know those traditions count for them, and that is important. We give each other invisible gifts and we wrap them in love. Often no one even sees the gift except the giver.

And to my way of thinking, that may be the best gift of all.

Merry Christmas to my friends across the world.


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