10 February 2007

The "Just Half" Diet

I have heard endlessly about America's growing problem with weight. And I believe it, I don't have to read a chart like at the right, all I have to do is just looking in the mirror at 50. Things can get away from you pretty quickly! Much of what I read about American eating has to do with extremely large portions in restaurants and even packaged foods in the grocery. We just generally think about food in terms of value rather than quality. "Supersize me" grows out of a desire to get the best value (i.e., biggest caloric bang for our buck) vs. really being that hungry. We get used to eating large portions.

Long ago a friend of mine said if you want to lose weight just eat half of what is put in front of you. That plus moderate exercise will lead to weightloss.

This is my diet. I eat half of whatever is put in front of me (except fruit which I just eat). Go to Chik-fil-A? Half a sandwich and half the fries or the sandwich but no fries. Go to Starbucks - skip the latte and just have coffee. Go to dinner anywhere, eat half of what is on my plate. Split dessert. Split a donut with my wonderful wife Charlotte at Starbucks today.

Yes, it's a waste of food, but it'd be a waist of food anyways if I ate it all (sorry).

I'll let you know how the "just half" diet goes - so far it seems to be working just fine.

Namaste, ya'll!

1 comment:

Kurt said...

"Waist of food"...not funny. Good diet idea, though.