17 August 2006

Dream of the City Gates (Pt. 1)

When I awake I am still sitting on the steps of the watchmaker's doorway. It is still dark, though the sky is beginning to lighten. I find a long silver chain is snaking down from where it is attached to my ear. At the end of the chain is the silver spider, humming slightly. Poised. Gleaming.

Across the street, the apartment windows are beginning to stir. A shade rises. A light flicks on. A mother yells. The smell of coffee and first cigarettes drift down the street. A police car drives by but by now I am sitting up, looking as if I am waiting for a ride to work.

The giant pocketwatch still hangs next to the Watchmaker's door. I still have his note telling me to find the one who put me to sleep. The spider explores the pocket he is in. I set off down the street at a brisk pace, though I am not sure to where I am going.

Something has changed.

[To be Continued]

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MaMo said...


Good to know you are up and about.

I found this new take on Bob Marley : Bossa n'Marley . It's a samba version of all the best hits-