17 August 2006

Dream of the City Gates (Pt. 1.1)

The first thing I notice is that I am hungry. Very. Several breakfast places are closed as I walk by but finally I discover one that is open.

Entering to eggs frying and the snap of newspapers being opened to the business page, sports page any page but the front page - the bad news never changes after all. The waitress swoops down: "Counter or booth, hon?" "I'll take the counter," and I find a stool near the cashier where I can watch the fry cook work his magic.



She sets white mug of hot black by my finger tips and flips a menu down. The milk in my coffee rises to the surface like a thunder cloud. The spoon makes it disappear.

"You new here?" she askes while waiting for my order.

"I'm new everywhere," I answer.

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Eric said...

deep. I love diners.


yoga chickie said...

I LOVE it. Very thought-provoking...new everywhere...