23 July 2006

Wrong Back Up Band

Charlotte and I attended the CSN&Y concert at Red Rocks on Monday, July 18. We did the tailgate thing before the concert - photo is of Charlotte relaxing. The hacky-sack crowd was out in force. And the scent of the Sixties waifed over the parking lot with an interesting mix of music from Blink 182 to, well, Neil Young.

I'm a big fan of Neil Young, and enjoy much of CSN's older material. That siad, deeply disappointing is the only thing I can say about the concert. And it boils down to two things:

1) CSN has not been a musical force for at least twenty years whereas Neil Young has continued to be a vital force through today with his CD Living with War. Neil should have toured with Crazy Horse this summer, not CSN.

2) I paid to see a concert, not an anti-Bush rally. Neil and Co. were preaching to the converted and there is no more boring sermon in the world.

Let the music speak for itself Neil. If you play to a Young Republicans rally you can preach all you want.

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World, but leave the Boys at home.


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