23 July 2006

"New" Las Vegas Marathon

So Cassie sends me a simple little email saying, "Are you still planning to run the Las Vegas Marathon - Half Marathon in December?" And that simple little email is what got me back running on the trails around here in recent weeks, and rhapsodizing about Chasing Big Mind.

The last time Cassie and I ran a half-marathon together was in January 2004 in San Diego. She beat me by 5 minutes or so. Cassie is deceptively non-competitive but I could tell she was happy she ran faster than me. Hence my desire to run faster than her this time ... hey, its not about me, I just want to give her the competition she so obviously craves. :-)

To train for the race, I have now divided my week into running days (3) and Bikram days (4). I figure the yoga will do as much for my preparation as the running. For those of you who checked "Bikram is a fad" in the poll up above - no grief please (sometimes the yogic community feels a little like the world must have after Martin Luther nailed all that paper to the church door). Yesterday was a Bikram day. Truth be told I hadn't managed to make it to class for almost ten days. It was great to get all sweaty and stretched out but since everything now hurts its hard to accept that today is a running day rather than a "Watch the British Open and Moan" day. But those aches and pains usually subside in a few hours - chased away by the famous trio of Aleve, Caffeine and Hot Tub.

I am trying to get all the young adults in our family to join in the LV Marathon. So to Andrew (Lauren), David, Becky (Ethan), Bradley (Krystal) and any other extended family member out there in Ohio (the great state of stolen elections) - think about joining in. It's only a half marathon

I'll be out there running up Bergen Peak later today. Chasing that Big Mind. Big Mind is so big, you'd think he'd be easier to catch. If fact, sitting still in zazen is a better plan for catching Big Mind.

But that's a different post.



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