22 July 2006

Vote Early and Often

Following the brave lead of Yoga Chickie, I have added a poll (see above) on whether Bikram is a genius or a con artist.

Vote early, and vote often.



yoga chickie said...

Richard - I voted "genius", but not because I really think het is a genius. See, I don't think that what he teaches is yoga. But I also think that it is here to stay, and thus, not a fad. So, I picked the closest approximation of my opinion!

joni said...

maybe it's me, but i can't seem to find the poll :(

anywho, after taking a whopping FOUR bikram classes (from three different teachers, including BC), i still don't get why people are attracted to bikram yoga. has anyone ever done any comparative studies on whether doing the same poses in a normally-ventilated room produces the same results as those done in that steambath?
it's a cult; it has to be, because there's no logical explanation for it...