04 June 2006

Do Badly, 'Til It Gets Better

Over on Ursula's Blog Aus Deutschland (see link list), she says of her struggles with a particular pose, that she must "do badly, 'til it gets better." If I understand the whole context of her comment, it seems she is saying we must simply keep trying. That this is the practice of yoga. We must do each pose as best as we can.

Doing a pose perfectly will not, I think, grant us satori or insight or enlightenment - it is the process, the discipline, of trying over and over and over again that will yield to us the benefits of yoga. The just being with our practice each day - some days I get my palms to the floor in a certain pose and some days I do not. Palms to the floor - good. Palms not to the floor - good.

The point is: I practiced.

Didn't get my palms to the floor either.


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