06 June 2006


I am so pleased to let you all know that I have founded a new system of yoga called "TIVOGA".

The first series, known as the Summer Rerun Series, involves the following poses performed in a semi-darkened room, preferably kept at 70 to 72 degrees F ( a dehumidifier is important as well): Couchasana, Couchsavasana (with or without Extended Remote Arm Variation), Leaning Forward Reaching Snacasana, Forward Color Adjusting Bend, and finally Refrigerasana which may be combined with Standing Snacasana. These restorative poses will lead you to a state of vacant eyed bliss and limitless consumption of ego driven goods.

The key is to perform the poses in the order stated above excepting only Refrigerasana and Standing Snacasana, which must be performed whenever the illuminated alter in the Tiv-Shala announces a "break." These breaks are spontaneous and uncontrolled by teacher or student; thus imbuing us with the spirit of acceptance of things "as they are;" change must be embraced, but be back after the break.

Future postings will detail the Replacement Series, the Seinfeld Series and, of course, the Simpson Series.

Truly a breakthrough practice. Teacher training will be offered at Circuit City stores everywhere with generous support from La-Z-Boy.



Anonymous said...


I LOVE this form of Yoga! I didn't even realize that I've been doing it for years...

Krause :)

Ann said...

Very clever. My boyfriend is an avid practioner of TIVYOGA. And he did'nt even think he liked yoga!

Chi said...

Hilarious! The infamous Mr K is really into this type of yoga. *s*