02 June 2006

Asana Bear?

So you're saying to yourself: "Asana Bear"?

We all know the "Yogini Waifs" - these are the amazingly talented, lithe, dedicated yoginis who happen to be petite and rail thin. If I stood next to a Yogini Waif you would immediately know what an Asana Bear is - me. We stick out like a pink fire hydrant in New York City.

We're the guys that look like we should be across the street in Gold's Gym rather than stretching into Pidgeon Pose. We're the ones that can see over everyone's head, we look like the Sears Tower does in downtown Chicago. We tend to congregate in the back of the studio because if we were in front, no one would be able to see the teacher.

We're still a little uncoordinated (OK a lot) in our one-legged poses. I recall when I started doing Bikram there was a pose where I could touch the ceiling with one hand and use that to balance with whilst holding one leg behind me.

We wear running shorts because nobody seems to make yoga clothes big enough for us; extra large male yoga shorts are not XL enough for Asana Bears (if anyone knows a good source of men's yogawear please let me know...).

But the fact that Yogini Waifs, Asana Bears and everyone in-between all show up at the same studio, just proves the obvious: yoga is for everyone and everyone can benefit. Big, tall, short, overweight, thin, old or young.

Doesn't matter.



Lesley said...

Dear Richard

Haha... Yogini Waifs and Asana Bears! I think I am a Yogini Bear Cub. I am short and stout but nevertheless cute as a button with plenty of sexy baby fats ( not exactly a young bear though ) :)

And yes, yoga is for everyone!

ps. Did you try Lululemon for men's yoga clothes?


Tim said...

Thanks for visiting welikeyoga, Richard! I like your reflections and will keep an eye out for any updates here.

Ursula said...

and a quote by Mr Jois:.....only lazy people cannot do yoga.

shinyyoga said...

great post, asana-bear!!

it's completely true as well - yoga is for everyone..


shinyyoga said...

great post asana-bear, and so true!! yoga is completely for everyone and anyone :)

wonderkid said...

asana bear... you are so funny! you've got me grining like the cheshire cat. i came across your blog through lesley (my dearest bud). she is one great yogini (strong, both mentally and physically, and tenacious) and it's really nice knowing how much she's grown since she got hooked on yoga. i'm one of the privileged few who had the chance to watch her beautiful practice evolve. my... and has she evolved into a happy pigeon! :)

my partner shares your sentiments about the lack of availability of men's yogawear, heh heh. he's been searching for a good pair of yoga shorts for the longest time. doesn't help that he's in singapore now too. poor guy

Asana Bear said...


Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed. Visit often and spread my blog around.

Be well.

Sue said...

Lol, love this post! Thanks for the giggles.

I'm a yogini waif and I'm just as uncoordinated (if not more!) in the one-legged balancing poses.