11 May 2006

Work In Progress: 50th Birthday

Let's face it, we're all "works in progress" - perfection is not an option in this life. So my 50th birthday is this weekend on May 14th though we're all celebrating on Saturday: Friends, family and other assorted acquaintances. I hope they will all remind me of past foibles, joys, mistakes, successes, hiccups, loves, friendships, highs, lows, funny stories, and disasters - so we can all see how the work in progress is coming along. Rather nicely in my view...

So its the same in yoga practice. I think perfection is not the goal, though constant striving may be. We will not get there but that is OK! We get better and better in our postures and derive more benefits and joy from them. So in life as we get older, our accumulated experience and wisdom allow us to derive more benefit and joy from our lives. We are not getting younger physically - but as yoga makes us more aware of our bodies, so to our wisdom makes us more aware of life itself.

What a wonderful combination - growing older and wiser with the benefits of yoga to boot.

Keep your "work in progress"!

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