17 May 2006

Lack of Mastery As An Excuse

As I mentioned in a previous post, life is not something one masters, nor is yoga. They are both journeys. And yet a certain kind of mastery is possible - perhaps like that of the Master Carpenter who still has to throw away the occasional mishap, but still knows his tools well and how to choose and use the right ones. This is perhaps a mastery that can be achieved in yoga. Particularly in the teaching of yoga - to be able to choose the correct asanas for a particular class or person so that they can continue to flow with the journey.

I find that yoga helps me to take chances on and off the mat. To risk falling out of a pose in front of the whole class is a big risk to my fragile ego. I'm never sure if I believe in astrology, though the i ching has provided some amazing guidance at times in my life.

That said, last weeeks post on Free Will Astrology seems particularly astute at the moment.

"Nothing would be done at all," said Cardinal Newman, "if a man waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault with it." Let's forgive his sexist language and concentrate on the truth he articulates, which is profoundly apt for you right now. It's important that you try to do what you can't do very well--that you not use your lack of mastery as an excuse to avoid practicing an immature skill. Be willing to look foolish as you improve, and paradoxically you will often appear brave and inspired."

I wonder now if I passed up on the 200 hour teaching program because I thought I wasn't good enough at yoga yet. Food for thought.


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