18 May 2006

It's Not That Hard A Pose

I learned a real lesson in teaching last night. Never ever say "It's not that hard a pose" to a class of mostly struggling aspiring yogis. Since most of us were in fact having a very tough time with the pose, our instructors commnet was disheartening at best and demotivating at worse. The instructor then proceeded to demonstrate just how easy the pose was. And did this on several other poses as well. To me, her approach was very ego driven. Instead of teaching us, it felt like she was showing off. Nor did she offer variations on the poses to those of us less adapt or newer or whatever. Quite a lesson on how ego can get in the way of teaching. I left uninspired and not a little downcast. However my next class that very night, left me uplifted and positive. Even though I struggled in that class too, the teacher's approach was non-ego driven. He connected with and helped us all. Wonderful.

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