19 May 2006

Imagine Everything The Same

I'm sitting here looking out at the clouds coming over the mountain across the way (see photo). Now imagine for a moment that all the clouds everywhere and everyday were the same. Some particular shape that is a cloud but always unvarying. So that every cloud that came over the mountain looked like the one before it. This view would hardly be as beautiful.

Imagine if all yoga was the same. Or religion. Or food - a Big Mac World. It would be just like those clouds. As yoga folk, its easy to think that my school is the one best school. But the beauty of our world would lose something without the diversity of the ever changing clouds. So too the beauty and strength of our yoga practice.

Forests that have a diversity of species fare better in fires and diseases in every way. Gardens with many different kinds of flowers are more beautiful than if they are all roses. Heirloom tomatoes come in many varieties and that diversity of color and taste is a joy vs. the boredom of the typical bad tomato offered at Safeway. Same goes for people. And beware GMOs - its the destruction of diversity that is their danger, far more than their modified genetic code.

Diversity is a source of beauty and strength.

So in clouds, so in yoga, so in life.


1 comment:

yoga chickie said...

Very nice! There's a huge buffet of yoga out there...who ever said we have to be content with one entree?