10 June 2009

the virtues of being sick

being sick with a cold is not without its virtues

for example – time slows down to a manageable pace
and tea seemingly stays hot
for a much longer time.

your bed feels more comfortable.

sleep lays heavier on you,
so to get up is a struggle -
one you therefore avoid.

a sunny day is lovely
but a cloudy one is nurturing.

the sound of raindrops
provide a steady rhythm
to the doing of nothing.

laziness is not just accepted
but required.

one can make grandiose plans
without any need to actually
do anything at all.

books are hard work
so magazines become the sandbox of choice.

and nothing ever tastes so good as
a piece of toast
with a little butter and jam
and a spot of tea does
when you have a cold.

but perhaps best,
if you lose your voice,
you don’t have to justify

your silence.



country girl said...

So true.

Gumbomum said...

What a lovely poem. If it's you that's sick (and not just poetic license) I hope you feel better soon.