02 June 2009

My Zombie Project

Taking dinner with my stepson Brad and Charlotte at the Avenue on 17th (terrible food!) this evening after Leonard Cohen at Red Rocks got canceled due to a little rain. He'd had a meeting this afternoon with someone pushing a zombie flick script. He doesn't want to get involved 'cause it might interfere with his zombie flick script he's working on [background: Brad is a budding producer in L.A.]. I said "You have a zombie project?" Brad says: "Everyone has a zombie project in the works." I said: "I gotta get me a zombie project..."

Inspiration strikes, EUREKA (though I did not shout this out during dinner) - Gospel Zombies. Its a band. Its a movie. Its a line of clothing.

It's a book about unthinking adherence to any set of religious beliefs!

I am so proud of myself. Home I go to begin writing the best damn self-righteous holier than thou up on my high horse and looking down at you book ever written on the topic of intolerant believers (a/k/a far right fundies). But just to be sure I google "Gospel Zombies" and discover - crap - its been done. As a band anyway or album title.

All the good band names really are taken...

So now I'm thinking Zombie Pastors... Zombie Monks... Ah, shit, Gospel Zombies would have been sooooo great...


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