08 May 2008

Ten Things I Am Having Trouble Understanding

10) Tax Rebates. Apparently we can spend ourselves out of a debt crisis?

9) Clinton. So... agreeing not to count FL and MI...doesn't count? And you say Obama forced you to sign that silly agreement against your will? OMG.

8) Iraq. Do I really need to spell it out?

7) Universal Health Care. We shouldn't do that because it will cost more than the current system? Seems to me that the cost of the Iraq war probably would probably cover the difference for a long, loooong time.

6) Exactly. Will everyone please stop saying "exaaact-ly" all the damn time.

5) China. Still repressing human rights even after we gave them the Olympics? Whodathunkit?

4) AT&T Wiretapping. So, how do I get in on this deal to do something illegal and then have Congress give me a get out of jail free card afterwards?

3) Cyclone in Burma. If there was ever an invasion that would actually save lives, this might be the opportunity.

2) Reid. If this old fart couldn't figure out how to outmaneuver Bush and end the war, trust me, he is not going outmaneuver Clinton and end Democracide.

1) God. Answer the phone once in the while will ya?


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