27 April 2008

Ten Things I Am Thankful For Today

1) Cameras on cell phones 'cause I can capture the oddities that unexpectedly pop out at me.
2) Andrew and David visiting this past week.
3) New running shoes. Make me feel like Flash!
4) Clothes line. We put one up for Earth Day. Trust me, there is nothing better than sleeping under sheets and comforters that have hung in the mountain sun and breeze all day. Plus, I get to feel virtuous for not using the dryer.
5) Spring skiing at A-Basin
6) Scrubs. Maybe the best TV show ever.
7) Paint. Used a bunch to paint several walls different colors. See photo.
8) My Dennis Kucinch Sweatshirt. Imagine how different this election would be...
9) Vegetables. As long as they are not BOILED. Never ever boil a vegetable.
10) Books. Any books. All books. But mostly books on PAPER. None of this Kindle stuff!

1 comment:

country girl said...

Really like the colors.