11 May 2008

Quiet Day

Its a quiet day up here at Mountain House.

All eyes are focused on our very first dog in the family - Magic. He is wonderful! Bounding about and sniffing everything.

We've been cleaning the garage, planning on Jamaican Tacos for dinner, and getting ready to go for a run in Elk Meadow. The sun is warm, and the hummingbirds and finches are back. There is still snow hiding in the shade of greening trees but that will be gone in a day or two.

My sister Vicky is doing much better. Off dialysis and the ventilator. Living in a rehab facility to learn to walk and all kinds of other motor skills.

The best blessings of this life truly are the small ones.


1 comment:

Yogamum said...

I'm so glad your sister is better and that you are enjoying Magic and this wonderful Colorado day!