01 January 2008

Happy New Year...Now What?

Charlotte and I looked at each other today and realized we had not been alone together for almost two weeks! Family and travel. Family and travel. So the quietness of the house was a little unnerving today. Nice but unnerving.

Took a long walk up the valley to Squaw Pass like I've been doing every weekend for a few weeks. Only this time I was running a little late on the walk and it got dark. And when it gets dark up here, it gets really dark. Luckily I had my trusty headlamp on, which lit up my path home but made everything look a little like an outtake from the Blair Witch project.

Cassie and I took in some yoga yesterday down at the Bikram Hut. But we did Power Yoga there because we were hoping to avoid the whole heat thing only to discover that they do Power Yoga in a Bikram environment too - 105 degrees. Getting in shape again after years of not really trying too hard...and boy could I feel it yesterday in yoga. So we both hit the Aleve this morning.

I'm looking for a new physical challenge for myself. To motivate myself. And I've hit upon a real one I think. Can I guy go from being a couch potato that hasn't run a marathon in 7 years to a guy who can run 110 miles over 5 stages/days in the high Rockies 21 months from now in September 2009? 25,000 ft of vertical changes? 8,000 to 12,000 elevation? Called the TransRockies Run.

Am I nuts? Maaaaybe....