26 October 2007

Cut The Funding

The Democrats need to get some guts and stop making symbolic and futile gestures around Iraq. The Democrats can end the war anytime they want by cutting off the funding. There is no veto or override of that particular strategy. And you can cut the funding with a long lead time so our soldiers can get out of harm's way in an orderly fashion.

I think the Dems are just scared that they'll be declared unpatriotic (by the Republicans) if they do this. They want enough Republicans to come over to their side to provide them with political cover. The Dems need to stand up to the Republican BS on "funding = patriotism." The vast majority of Americans want this war to end; its time to stop our foreign policy from being held hostage by a minority of far right Republicans who seem to think admitting you're wrong is worse than sending more of our kids to get killed for no particularly good reason (since all the "good" reasons turned out to be lies or created after the fact).

Oh, and not approving the AG nominee until he says categorically that the POTUS is not above the law, and that waterboarding is torture, would also be a positive development.


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