25 October 2007

Colleges and Candy

I am thrilled to say that I'll be back in New York for a visit with my two boys in just a few weeks. Andrew is teaching 2nd grade in the NYC school system as part of Teach for America. Dave is working on his HS senior year over in New Jersey and college hunting. Should be great - and the available vegan food alone is a bright star for any visit. Candle79, Blossom, Candle Cafe and so forth. But perhaps the most fun will be staying at the new Candy Hostel at 95th on the Upper West Side (see photo). I got a private room with shared bath for just $66 per night. Yes, that's right a room, in NYC, for $66. At that rate I could almost afford to live in NYC.

Also get to see my good mate, Steve!

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