17 October 2007

Breaking News: Bush Does Something Decent

If you read this blog at all, and I know at least two of you do, you know that the word "dislike" does not begin to sum up my feelings about Pres. Bush. Still, sometimes even President Bush does something decent, and in showing up for and participating in the ceremony to give the Dali Lama the Congressional Medal of Honor, he did.

I am sure I'll be P.O.'d at him about something tomorrow but for tonight I'm just happy he did the right thing.

I read a posting on the Huffington Post that said seeing the DL and Bush together made them sick because the DL is perhaps the most peaceful and greatest advocate of peace, and Bush is the biggest warmonger. But that's the point, you can't make peace by shunning those who make war. The opposite is the case!!

I'd love it if Bush spent a month on his ranch talking to the DL. DL could only be a good influence. Not that that's going to happen in my lifetime.

Free Tibet.

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Yogamum said...

Who needs to be around the Dalai Lama *more* than George Bush? I don't have much sympathy for W either, but it can only do him (and the world) good to soak up the goodness.