25 May 2007

Why Sleeping In Ohio Makes Me Think I Should Practice Yoga Again

Nothing like sleeping in Ohio in a bed for one with two to realize that one's flexibility has declined precipitously with the absence of yoga from one's life for six or seven months.

Or a shoulder that is sore and cranky for no apparent reason. Not to mention tension in the shoulders that downright hurts like nobody's biddness.

Seriously, not going to yoga sucks. But I stopped going to yoga because I just didn't like the "scene" very well. And in Evergreen, Colorado my only "scene" choice from a convenience factor was (and is) Bikram Yoga. After a while the mystique of sweat begins to wear off - for me at least. I've been running which is a great feeling - I love to run (see this post) but running tightens me up. Yoga is a great compliement I think. I've tried the weight scene aka "resistance training" ... doesn't do a thing for me.

So I'm thinking about Iyengar Yoga. There is a location pretty convenient to my office. Its not corepower, or power, or baptiste power core blah blab blah. Just roots stuff. Just the basics. A new beginning perhaps.

Maybe with Bikram I was putting the cart before the horse. Maybe there is no horse or cart in the Bikram fad (there I said it) .

Maybe I just want to feel my body, my muscles, the pulse of my heart, the light of life in my eyes, the sense of feeling my world, and being part of it- not just walking through it.

We'll see.


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soleil said...

have you tried hatha yoga?