08 March 2007

It's No Secret

Steve Martin used to do a routine that went like this: "You too can be a millionaire! It's easy: First, get a million dollars. Now..." from Salon.

HEY! I'm as open to New Age thinking as the next guy; I like to have a positive outlook on life. I'm sure that a positive outlook helps one in all phases of one's life. So I didn't dismiss the whole "Secret" thing out of hand - I mean Oprah endorsed it, right!? And, after watching the DVD, I still don't totally dismiss it.

I do believe that positive people attract more positive people into their lives - and that can only help one have a better life, I do believe that an attitude of gratitude is a good thing and makes for a happier and better life, but its a little tougher to say the least when I am told that you can "manifest" everything from a parking spot to an extra $100,000 to a new bike outside the front door simply by "manifesting" it (all as shown in The Secret). It boils down to "believe and act as if you already have [insert dream, job, spouse, house or amount of money]" and eventually that "wish" will literally come true. If it doesn't, its your fault for not "believing" well enough.

And also, that whatever we have now in life, even bad stuff, is stuff that we are manifesting whether we know it or not. The universe is responding to our desires be they negative or otherwise.

So all the folks dying of everything from AIDS, to cancer, to starvation, to addiction, to all the abused children, women, to all the soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere, to all the people up to their eyebrows in debt, to all the people with a lottery ticket seeking to win, all they have to do is "manifest" their way out of it since they manifested their way into it.

So the poor, the sick, the abused, the bankrupt, the tortured, the murdered, and so on, have no one to blame but themselves.

Imagine, poverty could swept away if only all the poor people got a copy of the Secret DVD. Disease could be eradicated if sick people got a copy of the Secret DVD. AIDS would disappear if only HIV positive people would so manifest.

If only our Generals each got a copy of the Secret DVD we could win all our wars!!

But don't let any of our enemies learn The Secret.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised the DVD doesn't come with a packet of Kool-Aid.

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Stan Oleson said...

As a Steve Martin fan - I'd like to amplify on the Steve Martin routine, which is one of my favorites.

He opens with "YOU can have a million dollars and NOT pay ANY taxes."

A little louder:

"YOU can have a million dollars and NOT pay ANY taxes."

"First, you get a million dollars. Then, you don't pay any taxes."

"And when the IRS comes to talk to you you just say one simple thing - 'I forgot.' "

Just wanted to be clear that Steve's routine was funnier than it was given credit for being.