27 March 2007

Dream of The City Gate: Conversation With The White Witch

“I can see the Shadows all around you,” said the White Witch, leaning back. “I imagine everything is visible yet dim. My words are clear but far away. The Shadows work like vampires. They rest upon you but instead of your blood they take your ineffable essence ...your joy is what they feed on. They leave behind only gloom the way death leaves a skeleton."

"The amulets and potions and armour that you wear are simple folk remedies. Even those concocted by the Wizards Rezifp or Abbot Sbal TobbA, have the mere strength of children. The Shadows become ever darker. Their darkness scours the halls of power. Many spread the darkness unknowingly.

"So how do we know who to trust. How does this work," I ask.

"There is no test. This is not HIV. You can only judge by actions over time. What do they seek for themselves. And more importantly -

"What do they seek," and here she leaned in close and whispered, "from you."

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