25 March 2007

Clear Mind

Yesterday it snowed here. Big heavy wet flakes that weighed the pine boughs down until the accumulated snow slid off with a quiet thump below. Since we are so high at 8400 ft., the clouds drifted down the valleys and up and over ridges, enveloping our house at one point so that you couldn't see a single foot in any direction.

Towards the late afternoon, I glanced out the window and was startled. I could look straight across the valley through air so clear you could see it. Its clarity was tangible.

When I looked up a moment later, the mists and clouds and fog had rolled in again.

The world was white and gray and moving soundlessly.

There was no wind.


The Randomness said...

I just want to say I love a site that endorses Obama.

6000 said...

Sorry - I just had to laugh at your "An Incovenient Truth" sticker in the side bar. Nice to see your site doing it's bit.
Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Nowt. None.
You could have pledged yourself - it might make it look SLIGHTLY better...