06 February 2007

What's So Great About Running Anyway?

I've got motivational issues which are pretty easy to rationalize here in Colorado in the middle of winter at 8000 ft.

On the other hand, when I was younger, say 20 years younger, I used to run almost every night with my friend Jon around Lake Harriet in Minnesota - even when it was the middle of winter and below zero. Friends

I've got lots of good explanations for why I can't find time to really train, but no excuses whatsoever. Send me a motivational tip. Kick my butt for me. Help me get out the door or on the tread mill. Words of encouragement please.

Maybe if I had a quest! And needed to run through the lands to warn the great lords of the castle someplace. Or needed to run away from dragons. Or the IRS.

Suggest a Quest!!

1 comment:

Corilee said...

Wow, I've been having the same problems. Here's all I've got: lower your expections - go short, or go fast, just go and you'll feel good *and* virtuous when you get back. Good luck :-)