20 February 2007


The most wonderful thing happened today. I finally ran and wanted to run.

Though I will confess that halfway through the run I wanted to quit. The run was indoors and on a treadmill but it felt like running. And at the 5420 height of Denver, it’s a good workout with a sea level marathon as a target. My colleague Jon went for a run outdoors. At 50 degrees it was a tempting thought. But while I try to get my weight down to a level that won’t kill my knees, I’ll stick to the more forgiving pounding of the treadmill.

But what I really want to talk about is the TOTAL BODY ARC TRAINER. These things are great warm-ups for a run and they use all your muscles including arms (always a short coming of overall fitness for runners). They have a totally different feel than elliptical trainers – much better and more solid feeling. Wonderful cross training.

Elliptical trainers are a good aerobic workout but these ARC things really develop the muscles too! . Particularly great for folks like me that don’t much like the whole weight lifting routine.

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