24 July 2006

zazen roller coaster

zazen is a very fancy japanese word for being very very still and watching your mind roar by like a roller coaster at cedar point, ohio. for meditation. it's what the buddha did to become the awakened one. The Buddha. but don't cross your legs and sit down hoping to fly away on mystical wings. you don't want a mystical experience (though they can be fun like roller coasters) because they distract you from the point. to be here. just here. roller coaster rides end and then you have to wait in line again. your ego attaches to mystical experiences and wants more. just like you want another roller coaster ride. that takes you away from here. funny though isn't it that the ride leaves you right back. here. makes you think something more than here is what you need. makes you crazy. seeking something rather than just being something. where you are. here.

it's raining here. lightening flashes through valley.




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