27 July 2006

Got Me Under Pressure

My blood pressure is now 108/72; it has been trending downward from around an average of, say, 128/85 six months ago. To what might I attribute this change in fortunes? Why, the Cult of Bikram of course! Or the Blue Oyster Cult. Or just yoga. Or exercise. Or less salt. Or less worry. Or more running. Or more meditation. Or a few interesting vitamins. Or herbs. Or all of the above. Or none.

We think we know stuff. But we ususally don't.

Don't Fear The Reaper.




Yogamum said...

That's awesome.

I used to always have high blood pressure readings (white-coat syndrome) until I started using ujjayyi breath (from ashtanga) before the readings.

joni said...

i say it's due to less salt and more exercise (which includes yoga and running). oh, and less worry (resulting from more meditation?) is always a good thing :)
keep up the good work!