29 July 2006

What Do Bikram, a Haircut and Jazz Have In Common?


Today, I needed a haircut. Badly. So I went where I normally do. "Can I get a haircut?" I ask at 230PM. "Nobody available - everybody is at the Evergreen Jazz Festival," she says. So I went across the street. "Can I get a haircut?" I ask at 3PM. "If you could travel back in time" to an opening they had at 1PM, she said. So I went down the road a ways, "Can I get a haircut?" I ask at 330PM. "Does $38 work for you" she asked. So I traveled further down the road, to the strip mall, to Great Clips. $14. Great cut. Never would have gotten there, never would have taken a chance on Great Clips, if my regular guy hadn't been off somewhere listening to some great riffs; probably at the Little Bear Bar in Downtown Evergreen.

Today, Bikram. Fell out of Padangustasana (Toe Stand Pose) like a rock from a cliff. Held Poorna-Salabhasana (Full Locus Pose) like Superman. No mystical experience in Savasana (Corpse Pose) whatsoever. On any given day I couldn't predict which pose will feel good and which won't. But I show up anyway. I take a chance.

Today, jazz. We were going to go. To the Festival. Got off to a slow start. Didn't get there. But let me say anyway, that jazz is chance accepted. Jazz is chance at its purest. Improvisation builds on chance dissonances and chords and patterns that are recognized and built upon only to fall apart and come together again. Jazz players take chances every night.

To take a chance is risky, but its your only chance...

When I got up this morning I planned to get a haircut, go to Bikram, and listen to jazz. Instead, I got a haircut from a person I'd never seen in my life, had a practice different from every other one I've ever done, listened to Brian Eno's "Taming Tiger Mountain" instead of hearing the Independence Hall Jazz Band, and had a great meal at a restaurant we'd never seen before but discovered on the drive between the $38 salon and Great Clips. The $24 I saved bought Charlotte and me several tasty appetizers.

Chance dealt me a day not at all like what I'd planned.

I like planning, but I'll take my chances.


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MaMo said...

Hare Krishna Richard,

Hope you can make it to the next Festival . The Maha Mantra is the chant specifically adressed to remedy the present Kali Yuga ( in my case -Holly Yuga ).

To decode my other post per your request :

peeps = people or posse
chillax = chill & relax

Talk soon,

MaMo / Peter A.