28 July 2006

The Picture and the Poem Are Related?

really there are only three things in the world that are worth much.

I can see two of them from our living room window,
and I can feel the third when charlotte hugs me.

a friend told me of a friend who died
of a cancer so vile in the head
it made him sick to describe it.

the lesson is, as always:
you can't bet on tomorrow

yet we always do.
we put our chips down on the table,

and most of the time
the cards go our way,
the roulette wheel stops on red,
the dice tumble to the right faces.

our whole life is based on waking up tomorrow.

maybe that changes how we see today.

things don't taste as sweet
if you believe they'll be there tomorrow (how sweet
strawberries tasted when you could only get
them once a year!).

the view is nice, but I can look again later or next
time I'm here.

it's easy to say don't bet on tomorrow,
the buddhists say "bet but don't bet,"
which is just confusing.

i say "bet -
but double down on today."

look as if its the last time you ever will,

and tomorrow,
see as if its the first time you ever did.


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Kristin said...

Thanks for the great reminder!