13 July 2006


Does closed-captioned porn exist - and would anyone really want to understand what the actors and actresses were really saying? It would be interesting if the captioning said what they were really thinking about whilst engaged in "acting:" "Hope Tom remembers to get an extra shot in my latte..."

It would be very interesting if they could do that while Pres. Bush gave a speech: "Hope Dick remembers to get an extra shot in my latte..."

But I digress, the real point of this post is closed captioned yoga DVDs. Which, as far as I can tell, do not exist. Why does this matter to me? 'Cause I'm a deaf yogi.

And I'm deaf with a little "d"; I am not a member of the Deaf Community/Culture. If you can believe it, even the deaf have their factions. But I'm not going to get into that p***ing match on this blog. One big issue is cochlear implants, which I've blogged about before. I'm getting one, the Deaf Community basically sees such implants as cultural genocide. To each their own.

Anyway, deaf, Deaf and hearing impaired folks like to do yoga too. No doubt there's many a yogi that doesn't quite catch every word the teacher speaks - that's life. But to not be able to understand every word on a yoga DVD is just galling to me; for example, a recent Shiva Rea purchase is wonderful, but would be even better if I could understand what the voice over narrator was saying while the waves wash around Shiva Rea's ankles in mountain pose.

Almost every movie DVD and television show is captioned but not yoga DVDs. Yes, there is Deaf Yoga - one DVD. Yippee!! Even my telephone is closed captioned - I call someone and their words appear on a screen on my phone. Very cool.

So what's the excuse of Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee and all the rest? Yes, it does cost a piece of change to caption a film, TV show, or instructional video.

But it doesn't cost that much.

It would be ahimsa, and no doubt good karma would accrue as well!

Om shanti ya'll.


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