14 June 2006

Weapon of Mass Distraction

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I am terrible at practicing by myself. Truly awful. I can string asanas together about as well as I can remember the encyclopedic lyrics to "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall."

And I am easily distracted. "Oh," I say, "I'll practice now. No wait, 'So You Think You Can Dance' is on...." OK, now..."wait...The Daily Show is on." OK, now.


I do great if I have a class to go to - once there I can be distracted but I can't leave. Practicing with others gives me focus. Perhaps when I have more experience this will get better.

Still I have tried to practice when I've been unable to get to the studio. I can concentrate for 20 or 30 minutes and then - nope. But even that short time gives me something good. I feel lighter, more focused and less stressed.

Perhaps doing yoga is a bit like saying a prayer.

Its not the length that counts, but the intent.


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