17 June 2006

One Wild and Precious Life

It's way to early here in Evergreen.

I'm sitting at my dining room table looking out at the mountain valley. The sky is a very pale gray bowl into which the day is slowly flowing.

The humming bird feeder is already being visited by the resident humming birds who live in the lodge pole pine a few feet away. They do their version of a Sun Salutation ten times each time they come to the feeder; doing their down dogs hovering in the air and extending their needle thin beaks into the sugar water we've manufactured for them. It is a very exacting and miraculous practice to witness.

We watched the new Neil Young concert film last night called "Heart of Gold." Most of the material is from his album "Prairie Wind." But he did sing an old favorite : "Comes A Time." This lyric always touches me:

You and I
We were captured
We took our souls and we flew away.
We were right
We were giving
That's how we kept what we gave away.

I like Neil very much. I don't like every album he's come out with, some are awful in my view. Still, Neil never stops experimenting, never stops giving. Which is probably why I like him so much.

Today we are driving up to the Continental Divide at the top of Loveland Pass. We have a gaggle of relatives visiting us this week and are showing them the sights. I'm hoping there will still be some snow up there hidden in the hollows. Nothing like a summer family snowball fight!

Charlotte will probably get us all to join together in a song or two, as she often does. Its always fun to see the startled looks of other folks when Charlotte starts us singing. It worries me that our singing scares folks (we're not that bad). So many of us seem to have lost the ability to experience and enjoy our lives "unassisted" - the thought of singing ourselves seems abnormal while listening to others normal. So often we "live" our lives through proxies: American Idol, fast food, iPods, DVD players (even in our cars!), and dozens more. Reality shows are the ultimate proxies. I can't help but think of these lines of poetry from Mary Oliver:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

The sky is now azure with the sun's butter yellow rolling down the green flanks of the mountain valley. And I am getting up to get some more wild and precious coffee.

Enjoy your life!


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