11 June 2006

Riding the Warrior's Crown Chakra

Posted by Picasa First, if you are looking to understand chakras, wrong blog; nobody home. Second, its Sunday so I had to write a sermon. You've been warned.

Charlotte and I stood at the top of Mt. Evans today here in Colorado at 14,000 plus feet (highest I've ever been without being in an airplane - and somehow a mountain feels higher...)and we could feel the energy flowing up and out of the mountain - passing right through all of us standing at the summit. I cannot imagine the energy that must flow at the top of Mt. Everest (or the lack of oxygen).

If chakras are real, I would expect many things have chakras - including mountains. And Mt. Evans felt like it was in Warrior Pose (no, not Mountain Pose!) today, and we humble climbers were literally standing in its Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is said to involve, amongst other things, dedication to the divine; trust in the universe, connecting to God, the Light, the Superconciousness.

Its hard not to be aware of all these things standing far above the treeline, looking far across the world - Great Plains to the East, Continental Divide to the West. Sky hard blue with storm clouds boiling up out of its depths. Hard to not be aware of how far from true Warriors most of us humans are. I do fear for our kind, we small humans, and so few Warriors amongst us.

The mountain is not aware of its size, it is simply a mountain. It is available to all who come to it. From me walking in its cold winds to the tiny flowers gracing its boulder fields (see photo)to the summer thunderstorms that lash its flanks through July and August. The mountain serves each in its own way, without ever being other than what it truly and simply is.

A true Warrior knows himself in this way I think. He does not have to show his power or agility or skill. It is enough that she knows it. And others will know it as well, just as the mountain doesn't have to say a thing to impress the hell out of us, so too the Warrior can stand silent but we know who he is.

Just as the mountain does not change for the flowers or the storms, so should I be just who I am. Amazingly and surprisingly hard to do, as I am neither a Warrior nor Mountain. Just an Asana Bear.


PS: Karen Armstrong is a Warrior.



Yogamum said...

What a lovely evocation of the power of the mountain! Beautiful post.

yoga chickie said...

I concur! WOW!!!!