20 June 2006

C.I. Gal (Cochlear Implant Gal)

I've never believed much in chance, random meaningless occurrences, or coincidence. Karma happens.

When I look at my yoga practice and its evolution over time, to me its more than interesting that in each place I have lived over the past five years, there has always only been one convenient yoga studio. In each case I had no other real option - and I suspect that was the point. When The Student Is Ready, The Studio Appears!

In Tarrytown, NY, it was ISHTA Yoga (Alan Finger), I can't even remember the name of the studio; in Cincinnati, OH it was Shine Yoga (Anusura/John Friend); and now in Evergreen, CO its Evergreen Yoga Bikram. ISHTA was just a crazy mixture of stuff cooked up by Mr. Finger but perfect for the beginner I was. Shine was perfect too because it focused on alignment and form. And then came Mr. Bikram himself.

Of course the real cliche states: "when the student is ready, the teacher appears". And teachers appear in my life all the time (just like yoga studios) only on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Most recently for me was the appearance of Cochlear Implant Gal!

I was obsessing over my cochlear implant and which manufacturer I should go with, pouring over patents, manuals, and specifications of which I had zero comprehension, info overload, stress city. My audiologist introduced me to C.I. Gal - also a lawyer and nascent superhero here in Denver. She is profoundly deaf and wears a hearing aid like me, and just got her cochlear implant last December. She was able to steer me back to the straight and narrow, to the big picture, and to relax. She taught me by her example - the best sort of teaching there is. Thank you C. I. Gal!

I wonder sometimes if every person we meet in the course of the day is in fact our teacher? I wonder if we treated every person as such, searched for the lesson in each encounter, how fast we would grow on every level? I wonder if I could even maintain such a practice for more than thirty minutes without going nuts...

On some issues I know I have been sent many, many teachers, and I still don't get the lesson. Stubborn or clueless I am.

Sometimes we know exactly what we should do, but we don't do it.



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