02 May 2006

Showing Up For Your life

"Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head..." Lyrics from a long ago song but how often I feel this way. Its so hard to "show up for your life" - but so essential. It is so easy to show up for the life someone else wants for you, or the ads on TV want for you, or the big billboard wants for you - to buy a prefab dream. Showing up for someone else's life is easy - like giving advice to someone is easy about their bad relationship, weight problem, addiction or crappy haircut. Showing up for your life means to meet it right here and now, with all its beauty and hardship and sickness and joy. And take each one of those things to your heart and accept them. Rather than trying to lose yourself somewhere where your life can't find you. That's part of what yoga does for me - it makes me show up. It forces me to be right here in my body right now. To remember that I am this vessel of flesh and blood and sweat and heat and all the other stuff that toothpaste and deodorant and mouthwash and cologne have been invented to cut you off from - to make you think that the you that is, isn't good enough as it is. But that's a lie.

Think of all the ways our culture tries to cut you off from your life, your body and your freedom, yoga is helping me learn to cut through all that.


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