10 May 2006

Absence of Evidence Is Not Evidence of Absence

I took this photo in New York City about two years ago and recently stumbled over it as I was looking through my archives. The photo strikes me in many ways but struck me in particular because I had just decided to put off my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification until Fall 2006.

Its a big commitment of time over just a nine week period. And despite my enthusiasm, I had all kinds of reasons why right now wasn't right at all (work, summer coming up, other commitments). The fellow at the yoga center said "well, there's never a perfect time so perhaps you should just go for it." And that's true, there is never a perfect time for anything, except in hindsight.

I think what the slogan means for me (though I've never figured out why it was in that oddly placed window) is simply that you must do what is right for this moment. For me I clearly wasn't ready to commit to the yoga training - though the reasons for the decision aren't clear, the clarity of the decision is clear.

We can't always know our decisions are right on a rational level, but that doesn't mean they aren't correct. Like the saying goes "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence".

I'm looking forward to yoga training in the Fall. It's the right choice, right now

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Kim said...

i'm currently in a 200 hr training program myself, but it's an evening and weekend program so it's taking 6 months. i was kind of unsure about signing up too, partially because i'm not really dead set on becoming a teacher-- i mainly just wanted to kick up my practice a notch (or two or ten). i have a history of unpredictable living situations and employment and both were fairly stable right now so i decided to do it. of course, now we're all realizing that this course is really just the beginning of much more study...