27 April 2006

Bikram Yoga Studio

Char and I had a tough session of Bikram last night. I found it hard to find my balance, and she felt nauseous. Still it was a good workout. I always feel so energized afterwards, even if I'm dying in class!

I've been thinking a lot about what I would want my studio to look like. I wouldn't like to have a lot of students, just enough to feel the satisfaction of teaching them well in a beautiful environment. I don't envision a chain of yoga studios like Corepower Yoga which has I think 8 studios in Denver and a couple outside of Denver.

I'm thinking today of a large open space with beautiful wood floors. Small changing rooms but no showers or anything. Windows on two sides - sliding doors so we can get the wonderful summer air in the room and view the beauty outside. I'm thinking this is part of my retirement home or even our current home if I started teach on weekends. Mirrors along one other wall. The ceiling would just be the roof so we'd have exposed beans and some fans up there and maybe a skylight or two.

I find visualizing things seems to make them happen in my life. This all might not happen for ten years - but it will happen if I have the desire and manifest that desire through my visions in this blog!

Namaste to all!

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