26 April 2006

Bikram and NIA

Charlotte and I have been going to Bikram yoga classes for a few weeks. At first the heat was just insufferable. But as you get use to the heat, the benefits start to become clear - detox, warm muscles, higher heart rate, and so, less chance of injury. We are going tonight and I can't wait to get there. We have towels on our mats and we can literally wring them out after class. Doing asanas in 105 F heated rooms kinda takes it out of you. I practiced Anusura Yoga in Cincinnati but here the Bikram location was so convenient...so here I am. It only focuses on 26 poses but is missing lots of the "normal" ones so I've bought a yoga DVD to use in the morning before work.

NIA class is tomorrw. I'll try to write about it after we try it for the first time. To read about NIA, go to NIA.

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