05 August 2010

chicago cubs

its hard to talk about faith
without going all hallmark.

keep the faith, have faith, what the faith.
and because its hard, we fall into clich├ęs.
we all know whether we have it
we just can’t explain it.

when i am alone
i dance like a crazy man;
a Rastafarian madman,
and wish i had dreads.
but i always check
to make sure no one is watching –
faith is the opposite of that, i think.

unlocked doors in the middle of the city.
open windows in a thunderstorm.
falling in love, the second time.
corn in the fields.
laundry hung outdoors.
planting trees.

giving when you are broke.
caring when you hurt.
getting up again.

but in the end, i think
faith is just a chicago cubs fan,

waiting for jesus on the mound.



Kristi said...

Love it, love it!

Rachel said...

Wow. Stunning friend. Mmmm...

country girl said...

Another wonderful poem.

Heather said...

This is so great! I just found your blog because I didn't know what "next blog" would do exactly...so of course, if you don't know what a button will do, you should push it. I'm so impressed by your poetry. It's really really unique. Also, I really like the next one about how the resurected think.