16 February 2009

Thinking About Prayer Again

Last week I had a trial in federal court, and we won.

Now, I prayed for various things in the course of that trial including winning. Which I prayed I wouldn't do but I did. I admit it. I said "God please help us do our best. And if we do our best, please let the jury believe us and not them so that we win." Or something like that. I only prayed the first part but my heart meant the whole thing.

Now I always hate it when football players run into the end zone and point up to the sky thanking god as if god wants to cover the spread but here I was doing the same thing in a court of law. If god doesn't referee football games how can I expect that He makes any calls in court? If he does make calls based on prayers then does objective knowledge, justice and right or wrong matter? Or...maybe god just helps the side that should win, actually win. I guess in football "the side that should win" is a little murkier than in court. But hey its pretty murky in court most of the time too. The "right side" is often a matter of perspective. And its amazing how often the guys I think are the good guys actually lose...

So, how in the world does this prayer thing work? Seriously. How? Anybody?

I'm gonna have to pray about this.


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spankey said...

I was wrestling with this topic just yesterday as my mom asked me to make sure I was praying that their house would sell (and then admitted that she worried at times that I was praying the opposite). I mean, isn't God going to do what God is going to do? I've felt the power of prayer as I actually took a nap in my pre-op room a few years ago, but did I survive surgery because people prayed that I would?

I'm starting to think that intercessory prayer (for others) is all about connecting with God and the other through the Holy Spirit. I'm starting to think that prayer for myself is more about listening and praising than it is about getting that job or finding a buyer for a house. I'm not saying that God doesn't answer prayer, I've seen it, but I am thinking that maybe that God changes his mind due to our prayers less often than we'd like to believe.

Glad to have stumbled on our blog. Blessings on the journey.