20 February 2009

property of jesus

Funny how you can pray with people at church and bible study and not really know anyone. Praying together seems like the most intimate thing you can do with someone. What could make you more vulnerable to someone else than having them hear your prayer or you hear theirs?

For me, talking about my new found (rediscovered?) belief in Christ makes me feel amazingly vulnerable. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!

I sat with my friend John from HFASS tonight at St. Marks coffee house for an hour of sharing thoughts, perspectives and a little insight. The words, "I believe in Christ" don't exactly roll off my tongue. I feel a little weird saying that because for so long I didn't say those words. Couldn't say those words. Thanks for hearing me, John!

Bob Dylan (I know I quote Bob too often but he's a prophet or a saint or a heretic or all three) penned these lines:

"Go ahead and talk about him because he makes you doubt,
Because he has denied himself the things that you can't live without.
Laugh at him behind his back just like the others do,
Remind him of what he used to be when he comes walkin' through.

He's the property of Jesus, resent him to the bone
You got something better, you've got a heart of stone."

- from Property of Jesus

I used to be the guy who laughed and I had a heart of stone. I was jealous of those who had faith and grace. I wanted that faith and grace and it took me a long long time to realize that all I had to do to have it, was accept it.

Better late than never.


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