18 January 2009

Today I Am ... Mystified

I am mystified, petrified, deified. I see bad things on TV. Bombs in Gaza. Football player down with a spinal injury. Unemployment statistics.

It used to be I'd say "where's god?"

Now I just pray.

And I don't expect God to do anything either. I don't know what I expect. But that's more than different from when I used to argue that it was nuts for people to pray. God obviously wasn't paying attention at all. But now I think she is paying very close attention indeed.

Prayers mean something. But like many poems, the meanings don't become clear for a long, long time. And what they mean can change over time. Sometimes the poet himself is the least likely of all to understand his own poem.

Ditto for prayer.


PS: Skiing this weekend with Andrew, Charlotte, Brad, Ethan, and Becky. Family is a darn good thing!

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Existential Punk said...

Great post!i never thought of prayer in that way before. This is great timing reading your post as i have really been wrestling with prayer lately. How do you pray though? i struggle with the words.

i found you through my blog stats as someone clicked to my blog because you are linking to me. THANK YOU! How did you find my blog? It's always interesting to me how people come across my blog.