28 January 2009

Thinking About ... Last Night

Cell phone picture of St. Mark's Coffee House where the BYOB bible study group for the House For All Sinners and Saints meets every Tuesday at 7 PM. Just thought y'all'd like to see how it looks. The meeting room we use is in the basement.

Some folks are interested why I chose this group, but I still cannot figure out how I stumbled into this church or this study group, and I don't really feel like I chose them. Maybe its like Pastor Nadia told me in an email: "Sometimes God just hunts our ass down and there's nothing we can do about it."

Here's a photo of Pastor Nadia from the all-knowing all-seeing web:
Now, on to bible study. 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 which is all about food sacrificed for idols (no, not Randy, Paula, Simon or that new one, which reminds me they are on tonight). I found it a little confusing but after thinking and discussing I really think it is all about "setting a good example for others" and showing our beliefs by our actions. And perhaps about using knowledge responsibly.

We also read Mark 1:21-28 about Jesus casting out demons and so the conversation naturally turned to Bush leaving DC and Obama arriving. Funny, that.



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Yogamum said...

That group sounds fantastic. Whatever led you there, was a good thing.