21 May 2008

Ten Things I Am Tired Of Today

10) Pundits. Left and Right.
9) Clinton.
8) Obama.
7) Politicians. I know that is repetitious but it bears repeating.
6) Soy. Yes, even vegans can tire of tofu.
5) Snow. The last dab just went away in our yard.
4) American Idol. Name one Idol winner whose CD you'd be proud to put on the mantle. I thought so.
3) Jon Stewart. Heresy, yes, but its time to get a new shtick.
2) Fear. Can you run a country on fear? Is fear a good foreign policy? Does fear create jobs outside of Homeland Security? No, no and no.
1) Fast Food. It may be fast, but its not food. We are what we eat, and it ain't pretty out there in America.


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